11+ Mock Tests in Kent

We also run the same tests in Sutton.
Please visit
our Sutton website for further information.

Comprehension Papers

Please visit our new shop. Currently, we have two multiple choice Comprehension papers with answers, available from the shop right now, but more stock will be added later.

Previous mock test papers and results are still available under downloads.

Our tests are now finished for 2019. However, we are taking 2020 bookings, check our schedule here.

Final Results for 13 July 2019 are available here,
now combined with Sutton.

Our 2014 to 2018 papers, as well as 2019 Paper A and Paper B
can be downloaded here.

Reasons to choose ElevenPlusMock:

All papers returned  ✔ 
Detailed English feedback  ✔ 
2 week turnaround time  ✔ 
Choose your own subjects  ✔ 
NEW! Our latest 2019 papers are available for purchase here, for the small price of £2 each.

New Shop

We also recommend rubber cubes which have three uses:

  1. great puzzles to put back together
  2. six parts that work as individual rubbers
  3. constructive way of interacting with cubes to help visualise volume and three dimensional problems that crop up throughout the 11+ process

We are a supporter of Bright Young Things tuition centres, who have centres in St.Albans, Tunbridge Wells, Harrow, Rochester and Canterbury www.BrightYoungThings.co.uk

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